how many guitars? so many…

Oh doggs and only friends, this Thursday’s show is such rareness and beautiful like an expensive jewel, as New Jersey’s killer Liquor Store brings their FIVE GUITAR ASSAULT to our humble stage.

HAHAHA look at that! How is that ever a thing that you wouldn’t want to see? I bet these guys have really bad attitudes but inside they are hell of kind and would totally help you jumpstart a car, all of them looking around at the open hood and frowning and trying to remember which clip goes on the engine block.

But these hoodlums aren’t the only band of the moment Thursday night, because Wild Wild Geese returns to the Pinhook in a blaze of glory. Highest Power, another group of Jersey pysch-cavepeople open the show at NINE O’CLOOOOOCCCK!!!

Friday, Ricky and Joe bring back the pain with another one of their destructive dance parties. It’s gonna be a rare opportunity to get all hot and sweaty in this the frigid winter of 09/10. The theme this month is Queerlympics, so dress as your favorite Olympian. I expect alot of tennis gear, although in this weather you might want to think about the winter olympics, all hot pink neoprene one-piece speed-skating outfits, all USA hockey. My favorite olympian was a danish skiier named Ingmar Stenmark. He was around in the eighties and I thought I was this dude, back when all I wanted to do in life was be a professional skiier.

Saturday brings the Sugar. Sugar FIX, as Billy Sugarfix, Now You See Them, and the excellent Wembley rock the house.

I, of course, have to miss all this, because I’m going to Horrorland Helltown aka Los Angeles for the weekend. I don’t even care that it’s warm there. Why is there a place called Los Angeles and why is it what it is?

See you when I get back, all tanned and boring and irritating.

-T’ P’Hook


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