let’s have us a champagne jam (no champagne)

Gonna let this one speak for itself y’all. Gonna have the Indy do my work for me. Word.

“From the costumed, fake-pus-tossing mongoloids in GWAR to the grandeur of film composer Bernard Herrmann to the theories of Jung, Malt Swagger cite and extract creative juices from multiple sources to create a narcotic bouillabaisse,” Finn Cohen wrote in the Independent Weekly in 2002, a week before Malt Swagger played a New Year’s Eve show at Ringside in Downtown Durham. Ringside is gone, and The Swag doesn’t come out to play too much anymore (not since June 2008, in fact), but their sound remains as distinct as Cohen described it seven years ago—tenacious and teeming instrumental music with Morricone-size themes and Varèse-size details. Shark Quest Attack? Hungry Tortoise? No, man: Malt Swagger Reunion. THE PINHOOK. $5/ 10 p.m.

So, that’s happening. Are you gonna be there? No one knows yet. No one may ever know. I’ll tell you one thing more, though. DJ Soulful Love is spinning the greatness starting at 10. He rules, is a good friend, and is going to India for like ever on January 4th. Come send the man off by shaking your ass to the music that he plays.

Other stuff. We closed on Friday, to recover. But Saturday sees the new decade kicking off in style as Tyler Hypnosis throws a hip-hop party and DJ battle. That’s gonna be the jam.

Sunday sees the fourth Vegan Brunch hosted by my main lady Shirle. The menu is Indian food! I know, you’re all like “Indian Food for Brunch? What?” but then you totally mow that stuff and you go “DAAAAAAAAMN!!!”

Happy New Year My Main Damies!

Catch you on the flippysty. All the way down…



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