Q: Who is ready to be drunk?

A: We. We are the ones.

Yes people, it’s that week. A week tht requires rock n’ roll squat thrusts and pint liftin’ all year long just to be in shape. It is the week of NEW YEARS EVE, and we are going to say goodbye to the godforsaken annum of 2009 in wide-eyed, destructive style.

JOIN US as the epic insanity of MALT SWAGGER reunites for one special kiss-off starting at 11:30. These guys will ring in the new year with an incredibly bizarre and fun version of Auld Lang Syne (I bet. I need to talk to them about that), and rock until lateness is upon us.

The excellent DJ SOULFUL LOVE kicks off the show and ends the show, with 60’s garage, psych, R&B, soul, funk, and other tunes that commence asses to begin shakin’ and quakin’. Soulful Love is heading to the far east in a week, so this is his last appearance for at least 2 months. Come send the sucka off.


But first, we got the last movie night of wizards and sorcery month. It’s SORCERER.

Check out that POSTER. That poster is awesome.

Seriously, this is THE MOST suspenseful film ever made, as four badass dudes attempt to drive truckloads of nitro-glycerin across the most dangerous road in the world. CHECK IT OUT.




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