bloggin, with a certain festive attitude

Oh, there’s a feeling in the air. That feeling is cold, but it also has a certain piney aroma. It’s a holiday kind of feeling.

Now I am not a religious man, but I love me some Christmas. All givin people stuff. All gettin stuff. All just getting wonky from scotch in front a roaring fire, my dog all curled up, looking hell of cute. It’s good! Stressful but good.

So some of may know, and some of those some may care, but the Fin Fang Foom, FES, Gray Young shindig on friday got kiboshed due to the weather. It was terrible. I was a sad, sad man. But fear not. It’s been rescheduled for January 29th, adding New York’s Fantan to the bill. Pretty sweet.

So, it’s not the most eventful week here, but that’s ok. It’s Christmas time! Monday night we do have a very special movie presentation, of WIZARD PEOPLE, DEAR READER. A cult phenomenon of the highest level, this is a true piece of Illegal Art. Austin cartoonist Brad Neely (creator of the The George Washington Rap) dubbed his own narration over the first Harry Potter movie, as if it was a Book-On-Tape. I have managed to secure a (rare) copy, and I must say that this is one of the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Sample quote: “Hagar the Horrible hands Harry a jug of what is definitely whiskey. Harry takes an appreciative slurp.” Guys, this is awesome. Check out an example of Neely’s work below.

On Saturday the 26th, don’t be sad and blue. Come see a show! The roaring insanity of Bobby’s Fever hits the stage in support of up and coming rock stars En Serenade! It’s gonna be a very aggro way to finish off the season.

Love and Happiness,



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