It is completely a thing, doggs. The next three days at The Pinhook promise to slay your face with absolutely no mercy. You will wake up in a different town. A special town, where there are no hangovers and every night has great bands and excellent beats right out the ass. Let me tell you of these things…

Birds and Arrows owns Thursday with their soulful, heartstring pulling chimes. Chicago’s Lionlimb has the middle spot, and these guys are awesome. I can see them blowing up and getting upwards of 9000 points on Pitchfork. But GET THERE EARLY, because Where the Buffalo Roamed is kicking things off at 9. WTBR is Corbie Hill’s (of Battle Rockets) other band. Corbie is an awesome guy and a great friend of mine, not to mention probably the biggest booster of local music in town (at least, the variety of local music that fills yr head with images of technicolor comets blazing out of the stratosphere, exploding like pinwheels and burning with pure psychedelic WOOSH). Corbie’s also a great musician, and can coax the most spine-melting rills and patterns out of his guitar. This band is fantastic drugs. Not like fantastic drugs. They are fantastic drugs.

Ricky and Joe rock the house on Friday with a dance party for the ages. Dress as your favorite Woodland Creature! Furries welcome! Seriously, that will be hilarious. I want fully attired raccoons and deer and chipmunks n’shit, just givin’ her! This will be so cute! And incredibly sweaty, but that’s how we roll RIGHT DURHAM!

(cheers) WORD UP!

And Saturday just keeps it going with Birds of Avalon crushing all comers, floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee, slinging axes like bees and butterflies on home-cooked acid (I think I have drugs on the brain tonight, pardon that shit). Opening up is resident Chapel Hill wall-of-sound screamers Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies. It’s awesome to finally have these guys on our stage, just total tigresses nailing the 60’s girl group sound to the door of a cathedral, all Martin Luther style, all Principles. All Catholic Church totally persecuting them.

Man, I should not take 17 hits of acid and then write a blog! My spelling is still good though! Propr speling is veryy imortant to m.

Yours, Psychedelically,

El Gancho del Perno



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