I apologize profusely, but Monday’s film will not be the 90 minute Nintendo commercial known as The Wizard. That film does no exist in any goddamn form at all in any of the various places around the Triangle in which movies are found. I thought Avid had a VHS copy. No dice. You know what? We probably all remember that movie too fondly anyway. Like thr Powerglove, it’s so bad.

Anyway, the movie will be Wizards! Which is way better, and which me an Eric came up with on the spot to solve this problem. It is a post-apocalyptic tale of fantasy, and because it is animated by the great Ralph Bakshi, it is completely fucking insane. I’ve been wanting to see this thing forever, and now we have it. I thought it was really hard to find. Thanks Lilly Library!

Ok what’s on the docket this week?

Tuesday night it is, yes, AN OPEN BELLY DANCING NIGHT. Like an open mic, but with far fewer clothes and far more gyrating. Some pros are gonna show people how it’s done, and you can probably catch a lesson or two. Scandalous!

Wednesday night we got an excellent lineup of shimmering, perfectly crafted pop Americana, Carrboro’s The New Town Drunks headline with their ragged glory folk rock. These guys are sweethearts, but they have dirt under their nails.

Knoxville TN’s Tenderhooks kick things off at 9. This will be frontman Jake Winstrom performing his band’s killer pop hooks, just off an opening slot with ZZ Top!. God I love ZZ Top. Anybody got legs? Anybody know how to use them?


The Pinhook


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