Thanksgiving is over. Back to Normal. FOR NOW.

Oh man thanks to all y’all who came out over the Thanksgiving week. Soulful Love had them all dancin’ on Friday. It was warm inside. It was cozy as hell. The Holidys have begun, and we have a burning christmas tree’s worth of awesome gifts for you all.

Tomorrow is movie night, and I promise, for serious this time, that the film will be Quicksilver, a killer Kevin Bacon vehicle that highlights the good parts of being a bycicle messenger. Here at the Pinhook we think Bicicyle messengers are A-OK, as long as they are not on meth and not running over us at 200+ mph.

Here’s the poster, droogs.

WINNING IS COMPLETELY A FEELING YOU NEVER FUCKING LOSE. That should have been the tagline. I totally need a job writing taglines for movies from the mid-80’s. Also, notice the production company. INDIEPROD!!!! HAAHAHAHA that’s hilarious. I can’t believe there is not a band from Brooklyn with that name at this exact moment.

WORD. December kicks off with one of Jonathan Thompson’s destructive Open Mics. This is not a bad open mic with trembly people singing badly about problems. This is an open mic that Jimmy Page would show up, if he showed up at open mics in North Carolina and could walk and wasn’t 600 years old.

Wednesday we are raising money for Lymphoma research, and having ANOTHER open mic! I use the word ANOTHER in a BIG MASSIVE WAY to symbolize how our open mics are different from all others.

Damn I love you guys. Coming up we got…here we go…MAPLE STAVE, BIRDS AND ARROWS, VIOLET VECTOR AND THE LOVELY LOVELIES, A JEFF AND KING LIPSYNCHING DANCE PARTY, THE NEW TOWN DRUNKS, BIRDS OF AVALON, FIN FANG FOOM, and so much more. Stay the hell tuned, Durham and Surrounding Areas.

Triangle with an Ass on Top,

Hook of the Pin



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