happy thanksdrinking my people…

Seriously my dudes and dudettes and duderogynous badasses. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everybody has a great holiday. Remember, a great holiday does not necessarily require family, so we have an awesome lineup for the week, for our friends that just cold hang out in Durham for the week. Ask for a better place to spend Thanksgiving. You won’t find one. That’s a thing to give thanks for.

Personally, I give thanks for my friends, The Pinhook, and the incredible year we have had. Somehow, they are all wrapped up in one. Funny, about that. Goddammit I love this city, and I love the people that live in it.

Ok, enough maudlin bullshit. What is rad that we have planned?

Ok, here’s one thing:

Yep, the best bike movie of all time plays at The Hook on Monday, Nov.23rd. Not only is this one of the finest films of all time, it contains literally the scariest moment of all time. Sure, Large Marge might seem innocuous these days, but 20 years ago that shit made me black out rather than face the terror.

Oh, this movie is also sweeter than a pile of Krispy Kremes. When those bikers befriend Pee-Wee? I am gonna cry.

Tuesday is our second monthly YOUTUBE FREE FOR ALL. If you didn’t check in last month, it was…fun as shit. It worked basically how I thought and hoped it would; I set up a computer, and people watched their favorite online videos for about three hours. We saw some hilarity, we saw some sadness, and we saw actual humans doing things that blew our minds (Russian Bike Team anybody?) It’s a fun night of casual chillin’, so come let us know what your internet genius has discovered.

Wednesday features some lean shit for all of you before the day of irresponsible feasting. The Mietek Glinkowski Trio headlines a night of untouchably great modern jazz. Jazz that slays a person. Also, something to relax with before a big day. Mahlon Hoard opens with his internationalized saxophonica, and Raleigh’s Slicnaton takes the local DIY scene and flips it into Brian Eno ambient territory.

Just to say, I am currently listening to The XX, a new group from Jolly Old Engalond. Man they are the stuff.


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