happy weekend! (and thursday)

Doggs, I am chilling at the bar at the ole’ P’Hook as we speak, listening to the mind-bending acoustics of the Triangle Sound Painting Orchestra as they tune up for their show. How often are you surrounded by virtuosic string and horn players, just cold gettin’ ready to blow minds? Not that often, I bet.


Thursday we have an awesome lineup headlined by Boone’s The Naked Gods, with their soulful, country tinged guitars and their shit-hot rhythm section, steeped in the best of classic rock. Opening up are the sleek-yet-garagey The Jet Age, playing urbane Americana with big, chiming hooks. Viva Viva opens up with punk-fueled R&B.

Friday, we welcome the SONG Drag Xtravaganza, “An evening of sexy queer performances in honor of Willi Ninja and Venus Xtravaganza.” IT IS WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE, PEOPLE. What does it sound like? Awesome, that’s what. Who is Willi Ninja? I don’t know, but I know I want to meet that person. Oh, it will be followed by a dance party with DJs kickin the jams out until close. Commence yo azz to shakin’.

Rock returns on Saturday with Durham’s A1 garage trio Pistil, who just recently DESTROYED as the last band of the Troika festival. Gainesville, FL’s Morningbell anchors the lineup, with gently-coloured, sun-kissed psychedelia. Winston Salem’s KILLER Jews and Catholics (and great friends of ours) kicks things off at 9, with rinding, spaced-out guitar jams anchored with a cello being used in ways cellos are not usually used. One of those duos that manages to sound like 1000 people.

Ok. Cool! Great shows, see you here.



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