this weekend wins the gold medal

Nah, nah, we ain’t gonna mess around y’all. Not now. Not today. Today is about TELLING information about MUSIC to PEOPLE.

Let’s go…

Thursday, Nashville psych-titans (and hilariously named) Pushy Lips are going to bring the sweet, sunburned stink of acid-fried guitar and overcranked yowls to our awesome stage. I am listening to them on myspace right now. They are transgressive, aggro, catchy-as-shit, and should tear the roof off this particular sucka’.

Supporting are Durham’s Simeon, who bring a more controlled kind of psych to the room. Loud and powerful, but more down-beat and contemplative. Get soaked in the (in)judicious use of delay.

Opening up are Winston Salem’s young lords of destroy-you post-punk The Saint Peter Pocket Veto. Crushtastic, jackhammer rythyms and guitars that define ‘jagged’. Think Part-Chimp and Nation of Ulysses.

Friday night is another bangin’ Ricky/Joe Dance party! (They call them “Ricky and Joe,” but I think Ricky/Joe is more futuristic.) Hip-hop is the name of the game. Yammy and Ryah are the names of the DJ’s. Celebrity is the name of the theme. DRESS AS YOUR FAVORITE ONE OF THEM.

Here’s mine:

a beautiful beard

Saturday brings the love with the CD release party of Greenville’s super-catchy punk powerhouse PRINCESS AND THE CRIMINALS. Yaaaaaaaa! These guys tear up every stage they play on, and this promises to be an awesome night. Dan Strieb (formeraly of Resist Not!) has a new project, heathens Bobby’s Fever, and they kick things off at 9er. Awesome local godz and punk-surf-rockabilly mainstays Blood Red River anchor the set.

OH YEAH! And Miss Mary Wanna, burlesque performer extraordinaire, will make a guest appearance.

Durham. Loving you…is easy because you are beautiful.

-The Pinhook



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