troika troika troika troika troikatroikayaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hey Everybody! Today…this very Wednesday, November 4th 2009…is THE ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE PINHOOK! This time last year we were all scrambling around trying to get a liquor license before the big election party that night. And oh what a party. America Won! And half the city seemed celebrate within our doors. We were proud to open on that historic day, and we’re proud to STILL be open, one year later, kicking out the jams for the fine badasses of the triangle.

But that opening night was nothing compared to what happened that weekend, when we hosted our first live music events as part of Durham’s awesome Troika festival. Troika is back again this year (we hoope it’s back every year, forever, until the end of time) and the Pinhook’s lineup is kind of even more amazing than it was last year.

Shit kicks off on Thursday with the excellent Max Indian/Aminal bill. These guys have been all over my radar recently, with their unassuming-yet-powerful rock action. House of Fools and the Desmonds support.

Friday…well, friday is the greatest thing that ever happened. Scientific Superstar (menacing robot rock). Grappling Hook (epic tales and double guitars from Valhalla). Caltrop (searing, technically flawless metal). And Bellafea (everybody knows these guys. Beautiful, heavy, meandering. Perfect). As a side note, the fantastic superstar Heather McIntyre of Bellafea, Un Deux Trois, and Mt. Moriah has joined the Pinhook staff! Not sure her schedule yet, but you’ll be seeing alot of her in the coming months.

Saturday welcomes amazing newcomers LA Tool & Die (actually, they may not be newcomers, but I only recently found out about them), francophile goths Veronique Diabolique, Greensboro’s shoegaze gods Citified, and Raleigh’s completely insane Gray Young, who are one of the best bands around at the moment. Their drummer is goddamn awesome.

That’s Troika Y’all! It’s going to DESTROY SUCKAS! Come out all nights for the triangle’s best musical weekend.


The Pinhook

PS – If you find yourself in Red Hook, Brooklyn, get a sandwich from Defonte’s. I am really hungover right now, and their peppers & eggs just literally saved my life.


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