It’s November and we’re psyched…

Thanks to everyone who came out over the Halloween weekend. We had a rockin’ one. It was so awesome to roll up on Saturday night and see the place packed with our main beautiful freaks, just givin’ her all they had. Great costumes, great music…great party.

This month ain’t shapin’ up to shabby (man I am dropping alot of my g’s in this post). We kicked things off with another successful vegan brunch, and thanks to all who came out to eat in the freezing cold. Halloween was like 100 degrees, and the next day was totally frigid. What the heck. No big deal, though. We made the place hell of cozy.

Anyway, the month of horror is sadly over, so we need a new movie theme. We settled on…BICYCLE MOVIES! YAAAA! The month kicks off on Monday with Breaking Away, which is totally heartwarming and apparently won like a million oscars. If you’re not into seeing human beings eating other human beings, this is the month for you.

Also, for your pleasure, here is another poster that is completely fucking weird.

Is that dude smoking a joint? Second from the left? I totally think he is smoking a joint.

Tuesday OH MY GOD TUESDAY begins our monthly open-mic, hosted by Local Excellent Dude Jonathan Thompson. This can be a rockin’ open-mic if you want, good-style. Trembly sensitive singer-songwriters are, however, totally welcome, and everyone will be nice. Ain’t no one gonna get their feelings hurt here.

Wednesday crushes with The New Familiars, Red City Radio, and Jay Heart Montreal.

And then, on Thursday. TROIKA, MOTHERFUCKERS! Prepare for a huge Wednesday post about this most excellent of music festivals and a certain bar’s one year anniversary…





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