spooky halloween weekend, mofos

Boo! Or should I say…boo-YAH!

The leaves have turned, there is (sort of) a chill in the air, and out of the nebulous autumn mists creeps one of the best three-day lineups of the year at the ole ‘Hook. I’m not usually a dude of Halloween – I prefer to avoid the crazies and watch Dawn of the Dead a few times with a bottle of whiskey – but I’ve already watched Dawn of the Dead twice this week, so I have no choice but to don my costume and head out the door, into the scary awesome world of local music.

Thursday sees our old friends The Wigg Report, Steven et. al., kicking out the folk-punk for all. They’re pretty legendary around here, but if you haven’t seen them check it out. They play like 67 anthems at breakneck speed with crazy saxophone and this little Korg keyboard that sounds like a million ray-guns. Also, they are the nicest people in the entire world. In support of Fontana.

Friday, we welcome back yet another group of old friends, they of the giant anchor and the pedal steel, the venerable Shipwrecker. Richard and the gang are releasing their album that night, so come pick up a copy. Shipwrecker is one of the most unique bands around, and these guys can fucking play, believe me. Bask in the viruosity.

Actually, Friday is a double record release party, as the incredible Spacelab (how am I just finding out about these guys?) celebrates the release of their vinyl LP. Missy Thangs kicks things off at 10 p.m.

And then…the unholy night itself. A night of madness, wine-fueled blood orgies, sexy cat costumes, and just general Dracula cold sucking people’s blood action. The Pinhook is going with a loose CBGB’s theme this year (appropriate, although we can clean the graffiti off our bathroom walls.) Amps Do Furnish a Room, covering Television (!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!) start things off at 10, followed by Heart of Glass (an excellent Blondie cover act) and The Ramonas, a kick ass all-girl Ramones cover band. Come here some of the best songs ever written, filtered through the capable hands of some of the Triangle’s best musicians. I am so fucking psyched to hear Marquee Moon in it’s entirety, live.

Here’s a Taste.

Happy Halloween everybody!

And then. AND THEN. November kicks off with the second monthly VEGAN BRUNCH, hosted and cooked by Chef Shirle of Rockin the Stove. On Monday, Chef Shirle was featured on the talk show of horrible troll Rachel Ray, so she is bona fide famous as shit by now. The brunch still costs $7 though, still starts at noon, and still features alcohol.


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