dawn…of the dead!

What’s up, Nerds. Guess who is on the Rachel Ray show right at this very moment. Give up? It’s Shirle Hale, the chef of The Pinhook’s monthly vegan brunch! Which just happens to be next sunday! Come to it and eat food made by an actual celebrity.

Tonight, however, the hangin’ out is much more terrifying, as zombie movie month concludes with the ultimate and most awesome film in our series. I know, a month ago, that I said that Dead Alive was the best zombie movie ever, but forget about that shit. The best zombie movie ever is…

AW YEAH. This is the classic zom-apoc film, with people trapped in a mall, heads just totally explodin’, bikers killing the hell out of zombies, and so much more. There is no explicit sex in this picture. It says so right on the poster. Check it.

After that, the week gets SO MUCH BETTER, with Pretty Boy Thorson, The Copyrights, and Last Year’s Men on Tuesday, and Lost Hands Found Fingers, The Dopamines, and Laura Stevenson on Wednesday. Tune in Wednesday night for spooky halloween details.


‘KHP (backwards today)


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