DEX ROMWEBER…also, it’s toddy time, and new beer time

Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Dexter Romweber…

…will be playing the Pinhook this Friday, October 23rd. We are lucky, proud, and extremely fucking psyched to have the one-time Athens bad-ass turned Triangle luminary playing our club. There are few musicians in our community as influential as Dex, and his newest band The New Romans represents a stunning step forward. The Comets, Rare Surf, Etta James, 60’s soul. Let’s just say Rocket from the Crypt should show up and just bow down.

Also, he just finished recording a 7″ with Jack White. Damn.

While it’s great to welcome such an epic figure into our humble home, equal praise should be loaded into firehoses and sprayed all over D-Town Brass, the towering afro-beat/soul/free-jazz/noise/bebop juggernaut from Durham. Masterminded by Andy Magowen (one of two head-chefs at Piedmont), the Brass is a collection of Durham’s finest – and often-unsung – musicians. This band has fucking chops to slay a dinosaur, brings it with the theatrics, and is all around one of the best bands around. This is a party in a bag, people. A bag delivered to your doorstep with a dozen roses and a note saying “come see our show.”

This might be the show of the year.

The rest of the weekend ain’t to shabby either. Thursday sees Bob Funcke, Butter, and 8-Eyes. Saturday with the excellent Mercators and up-and-coming workhorse Misty Mayhem.

In other, alcohol-related news…

Cold weather got you down? A little phlegmy maybe? (gross why did I type that) To my knowledge we are the only bar in town serving up perfect hot toddy’s these days, thanks to a new and exciting machine that is pure magic. I had a toddy earlier and it blew my mind.

Also, it’s time to clear out the taps and usher in a new line-up of wintery beers. Please welcome…

Victory Lager – a little more…normal…than the Brooklyn Lager, this fine offering from Victory is just what a lager should be. Just a little hoppy and easy to drink.

New Belgium 1554 – Strong, warming, and malty without being cloying or sweet, this is a cold weather beer that you can stay with all night.

Foothills Pilot Mountain Pale Ale – A classic from our friends in Winston-Salem. If the Bells Two-Hearted is a little too hoppy for you, but you cherish and crave the timeless British pub taste, this is it.

Highland Brewery Oatmeal Porter – In my opinion, this is the finest beer brewed in our excellent state. Come taste it for yourself.

Bells Two-Hearted and Big Boss Bad Penny remain on tap. Let their reign never end.

Good blog, everybody. Thanks.

-The Pinhook, esq.


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