zombies continue, and a great week of shows

I am currently in Las Vegas. Can you believe that shit? Don’t ever come here, it is a festering hell-hole of sadness. But I won $100 bucks betting on football! And I got a sunburn!

Anyway, enough about me and the stuff that I did and got. Tomorrow’s movie is Zombie, Lucio Fulci’s Italian made sequel to Dawn of the Dead. It is one of the goriest, craziest, wildest zombie films ever, and it features a scene where a zombie fights a shark that is literally the greatest instance of cinematic prowess ever.


Tuesday is a rock triple header featuring Death to Details, the enthusiastically named We Landed on the Moon!, and the fast approaching classic status Lions at Lunchtime.

Wednesday is a double header of  Cali’s The Americas and Rooftops.

Peace out y’all! I can’t wait to be back in the D.



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