information superhighway tuesday y’all

I gotta say this newfangled “youtube” phenomenon is pretty great. Right now, at this minute, while I write this blog post, I am watching a video of a baby eating a pickle and making a hilarious baby-face that says “I don’t like this shit.”

HAHAHAAHAHAAAAAAAAA. It is so awesome. Seriously, the things computers can do.

Because of all the literally brilliant and indispensible content on youtube these days, we are just cold having a night where anyone – crazy mormons, drunk ninjas, presidents, astronauts, bums, etc. – can come into the Pinhook and basically show everyone their favorite youtube stuff.



Awesome. SO AWESOME.

That’s tuesday.

MONDAY, however, is a little different. The caliber of bands playing on this special, halloweeny, October-only wild ass monday night is just mind boggling. If you haven’t heard Wizzard Sleeve, TV Ghost, or Harlem yet, make it yr damn business to not suck on a Monday. Don’t go Garfield on me. Garfield is terrible and not funny.

I am currently listening to the song “You Are” by Built to Spill. Listen to that shit when you get a chance, it is some awesome shit. Shhhhit.

Love You Fuckers,



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