Word to all of your beautiful Mothers, people of the Triangle. It’s a crazy-ass Indian Summer afternoon, and I am blogging to you from a Ferrari convertible, screaming down Highway 40 at dangerous speeds, all Ray-Bans, all white linen jacket, wind whipping through my hair. Stone cold rampagin’.

Anyway, here’s the deal this weekend…and beyond.

Thursday, October 8th we got Blag’ard and the White Cascade. Blag’ard is crazy LO-FIlthy rock music, slung out by shirtless dudes who can rip it up. White Cascade filters My BLoody Valentine through God Speed You Black Emperor until you’re just comfortably drowning in unfolding reams of expertly managed feedback.

Friday, October 9th…it’s a Ricky and Joe Dance Party. You know what to do at those (hint: it involve the shaking of asses.)

Saturday is an excellent rock bill, featuring the precision-tuned Tin Star, the Creation Records-era buzz of Greensboro’s Citified, and the perennially ass-kicking AMINAL.

Here’s a surprising thing – next Monday is not movie night! But it is a great show put together Wizzard Sleeve, Harlem, and TV Ghost. Here’s what Grayson Currin at the Indy had to say about this:


Thanks to record label reputations and a shared tendency toward low fidelity or precision in production, all three of these out-of-towners get tagged as garage rock bands. But it’s hard to imagine a triumvirate that better communicates the diversity percolating just beneath indie rock’s increasingly shiny veneer these days. Alabama’s Wizzard Sleeve, for instance, sounds a little like psychedelic lords Hawkwind taking a Black Flag LP the distance, sheets of bent tones smothering or supporting pure attitude. Austin’s Harlem, though, sound like bad kids in a pop candyland, turning less-than-veiled love of breasts and pills into tunes that stick like boiled confectioners sugar. Meanwhile, Indiana headliners TV Ghost suggest a distillation of Faust IV and The Fall’s Hex Enduction Hour: It’s noisy, headstrong and full of unexpected twists, but traces of playfulness preside over all. $5/ 9 p.m. —Grayson Currin”

We’re proud to have such a great out-of-town lineup. Show up in force to support these guys!

Also, this is happening. It is what it sounds like.youtubeflyer

Later doggggs,



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