O (oh) M (my) G (god) dead alive at the pinhook


SO. Before Peter Jackson won 38 Oscars for directing an adaption of a little-known children’s series called “The King of the Rings”, he used to make actually good, righteous movies in which heads exploded for no particular reason. He made a film about aliens using humans as ingredients for a fast-food chain. He made a film about muppets generally destroying each other called “Meet the Feebles” which NO ONE SHOULD EVER WATCH EVER, UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH SOUL DISINTIGRATION (yeah, we’re totally gonna show it a teh hook one of these days.)

He also made a movie called “Braindead”, known here in ‘Merrika as “Dead Alive.” I’m gonna say something about it that I mean.

This is the best zombie movie ever made.


Yeah, I know the poster is ass. It doesn’t capture the majesty of this movie AT ALL. But I do know that anyone reading this blog right now saw this on the cover a video box in Blockbuster like 19 years ago and said “Oh man someday I will see that movie, preferably in a bar with a bunch of my friends.”

Zombie month begins. Be there. Or be…dead.

In other news, our first Vegan Brunch with Chef Shirle went incredibly well! Except for when zombies attacked and ate everybody. We promise that won’t happen next time. First Sunday’s of every month. Apparently next month will be some sort of Vegan Benedict…with shotguns…to protect ourselves.

No shows until Thursday, but The Incredible Zack will be slingin’ the booze on Tuesday and Wednesday? Have you ever had an SS Pinhook? It’s only the best drink special in the world, and if you order it you will get powers. Super powers. I won’t tell you what it is. Just stride confidently into the place on Tuesday and say”Barkeep, give me an SS Pinhook.” Then just wait for the coolness to sink in.

Wednesday’s special is ALL LOCAL PINTS $3. You won’t find Bad Penny, Triangle Golden, or Foothills Oktoberfest for cheaper than that ANYWHERE.

Yours, Killing Zombies,

THE P…H…K…!!!!!!!!! hells yeah


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