modern vegans and their brunches

What the hell is wrong with the kids these days. I am referring to “veganism”, a crazy-ass new religiion where people don’t eat any meat or animal products! Crazy! How are we going to defeat the commies on a belly full of “lentils” and “knotted long-bean garlands” and “Sensitive Jim’s Eco-Tastic Seitan ‘Jerky'”? If America plans on remaining an awesome nuclear powered super-badass, it’s going to be through McDonald’s hamburgers, Velveeta, and terrified cruel-farmed geno-chickens.

I don’t understand it, but we at The Pinhook are an open-minded bunch. So next Sunday, October 4th, Chef Shirle (of the kickass food blog Rockin’ The Stove) will host a VEGAN BRUNCH here at The Pinhook. Shirle is an incredible cook, and this promises to be a boffo feed, even if there will be no Eggs Benedict. It starts at noon, $7 bucks gets you a meal, and we will be serving up tasty Bloody Mary’s and other classic day-booze (I am a 9 am tequila man, m’sleff).

We still have a patio. Come sit on it before the weather gets all chilly n’shit.

And I’m Gone, Like a Dad Just Running Out For Cigarettes,



1 Response to “modern vegans and their brunches”

  1. September 29, 2009 at 11:47 am

    The Menu:
    Biscuits & Faux-sage Gravy, roasted potatoes and garden salad, coffee.

    The Brunch actually has a suggested donation of $7, not $5.

    Looking forward to serving the Vegan Veggie Community again!

    Chef Shirle’

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