free not working photo booth…

…if you can bend the laws of time and space to get it out of the Pinhook. This broke-ass photo booth has been sitting in The Pinhook for like 600 years. It’s not actually broken, it just needs chemicals and photo paper. GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND SOMEONE TO PUT THOSE IN THERE!

Anyway, if anyone wants it, it’s totally free, but you will have to hire Trosa or somebody to get it out of here. We hired them to put it in, and it nearly destroyed everything.

Serious offers only. If no one wants it I’m going to tear it apart with an axe during the All Your Science show.

Speaking of All Your Science, and their shows, one of them is happening next Saturday, September 12th! All Your Science is totally awesome already, but the addition of Chapel Hill’s killer Veelee as the opener just make me want to tear off all my clothes and run through the streets with joy.

C’mon, get naked and run through the streets with me! Do it. Or else.

Hmmm, what else is happening. Satuday, August 5th is a Fundraiser for multiple sclerosis. Not to help multiple sclerosis, but to get rid of it. Three awesome bands and an art auction!

At the last minute, some awesome DJs said that they would play awesome music (I overuse the word ‘awesome’, don’t I?) next Thursday the 10th. Check out the flyer I made for it that took me only ten damn minutes and is the best flyer in the world.



Peace out, nerds.



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