dance parties, vegan brunches, youtube, etc.

DAAAAAAMMMNNN it is fine to be bloggin’ at you this afternoon, even though it’s 8,000 degrees and my body is melting.

Right to it, shall we?

THIS SATURDAY, DJ Dude Femme is going to be kicking out most eccentric and danceable jams. I’ve never heard anyone mix Daft Punk and Country into a perfect dancefloor reeeeaaaaOORRRRWWWWW before, but by god she found a way.

STARTING IN OCTOBER, Chef Shirle of Rockin’ the Stove (and Free Electric State) will start cooking vegan brunches one Sunday a month. Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and other day-booze will be available. Check back for details. It’s gonna rule.

Did you know that every Monday we show Movies here? You probably didn’t. It is Durham’s most awesome and sexy secret. We have shown such classics as “The Warriors”, “Five Deadly Venoms”, and, uhh, “The Muppets Christmas Carol.” September is documentary month, so check the event schedule for details.

In addition to movies we have:

1. A 15 minute youtube free-for-all before each movie begins.

2. FREE MOTHERFUCKING POPCORN OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN YES I SAID THAT. Good popcorn too, from a movie-theatre style popcorn machine.

That’s it for now my jungle friends. Check back.




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