working on our night moves

So here’s the deal with this weekend: it is going to be awesome.
Friday night is sheer rock majesty, as I Was Totally Destroying It celebrates the release of their new album. If you haven’t seen/heard IWTDI yet, you need to. They are one of the tightest bands around, and kind of a rarity in this town in that they play radio-friendly rock music. I do not mean this as a bad thing. Ain’t nothing wrong with radio-friendly. Their singer is such a bad-ass and she’s like 20. Awesome. Goner and Free Electric State open up.

And then. AND THEN! Saturday night our good friend Laurin Fedora is in town from Orlando with a coupld of friends, DJing “Lost in Space & Adrift in Disco.” By “Disco” I don’t mean “Funky Town” (although that song has an awesome bassline). I mean deep-ass cuts from 30 years of down-tempo disco. Arthur Russell type-shit. 108 bpm is the top limit. Hell of relaxed, but promises to be THE DANCE PARTY OF THE SUMMER.

Make sure to practice your moves. Here is some help.

And this. For Michael.

Man, that guy was a pretty good dancer. But not as a good as me.

See you this weekend (Aug. 7th and 8th, by the way)


The Moonhook


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