2×4’s Aren’t sexist, so why are you?

It could be the flashy monochrome atmosphere, the high stacks of materials that promise heavy lifting, or the incessant reminders to negligent parents that children can get hurt in a hardware store that make each trip to Home Depot more and more agitating.  It’s possible that it’s the drive in the middle of a hot humid summer day that makes those trips at times abhorable.  Most likely, though, it’s the attention that Liz and I get when we’re loading sheets of plywood and 2×4’s.  People stop what they’re doing, even if they’re doing nothing, and ask at the end of a load if we need any help, even if we’re half way through.  I wonder if they think about how we got the first half in the truck before they ask stupid questions.

By necessity, Nick, Liz and I have learned how to do a lot of things.  If your door ever needs framing, call Liz.  If your floor ever needs framing, call Nick.  If you ever need to haggle your AC repair man, you can call me.  I’ll let the pictures speak for now.  We’re in “the process” right now.  We’re working on setting up an awesome PA system with our friend Phil and we are getting a sign made by this hottie metal worker with amazing hair.  It’s late, lets let the captions tell the story…


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