goodbye bob…

This entry, I have to say, is to mainly post the pictures that I meant to post in the last page.  Updates are as follows:

We finally built the stage.  It’s a 5 piece wooden stage that can be torn apart when more space is needed.  That way Tooth can jam heavy on a Friday night, but on Thursday when folks want a dance party we can stack it in the corner and let Mel York, Nick, Zach from Bulls or WXDU dj a set or ten.
Blah Blah, folks are coming tomorrow to take care of some boring stuff like electric and ac stuffs.  The going date is still a month and a half from now, but we’ll see.  We are starting to paint and prime, which I think signifies the construction rather than the destruction of the crap that was already here.

Nick hasn’t yet, but plans to write a bangin summary of the arcade auction that we went to.  We are often kept busy late nights with Galaga and Mrs. Pacman.  And that’s all I have to say.  We’re working on sign permits and all of the permits you have to have to simply breathe in downtown Durham and we’re getting a lot of amazing help from groups such as Greenfire and Downtown Durham Inc.

One new step that might be appreciated (or not) is that we’ve decided to go non smoking.  This was  a pretty hard decision, as many of our good friends love to inhale the beast, but after much debate we’ve decided to make the most comfortable smokers patio outside ever, and just leave it there.  The decision is tough, but we had to weigh the benefits… Here’s to a more comfortable place to hang out in in downtown D town.

Here are just a few pics of us “working.”  It’s hard because you can’t see the progress we’ve made, but it’s ginormous.  And don’t forget the beautiful picture of Bob.  I miss you… Bob.  Till we meet at the dump again

I forgot a ton of stuff in this post, like moving the range hood, “looting” from the bar next door, and some general drinking and playing video games, but I hope the pics will speak for themselves.  Thanks friends, a ton.  Thanks for helping in every way that you do.

ox, kym


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